Vitality Medical Center is a modern medical clinic located in Carrington Street, Adelaide City. Hongyuan Constructions with a wealth of clinic decoration experience, thoughtfully reforming the beam column in the front area into the a green tree. , fully narrowed the distance between clinic and people, eliminating the patients, especially children's fear of medical treatment. At the same time,  the design of the single-room to show the humanized concept, better to improve the work experience of medical staff. The medical center also successfully passed a series of tests to meet the standards, smoothly grand opening in February 2018.

Vitality 医疗中心是位于阿德莱德市中心Carrington街道的一家现代医疗诊所。宏远建筑以丰富的医疗诊所装修经验,巧妙地把前台区域的梁柱改造成绿树的形象,充分拉近了医疗空间和人们的距离,消除了患者尤其是儿童就医的恐惧。

同时在单间诊室的设计上尽显人性化理念,更好的提升医护人员工作体验。该医疗中心也顺利通过了一系列的检测于达标, 顺利的在20182月, 隆重开业