Nowrak Kitchenware & Homeware Store is located in the Churchill Shopping Centre. In order to reflect the clean and bright feeling of the kitchen, Hong Yuan Construction specially chose bright white marble floor, and the shelves are all set according to the wall, which makes the central space wide and spacious. The pure white perfectly fits the clean and fresh feeling of the kitchen.

Nowrak厨具及家居用品店位于丘吉尔购物中心(Churchill Shopping Centre)内。为了体现厨房干净明亮的感觉,宏远建筑特别选用了亮白色的大理石地面,货架都依墙而设,使得中心空间视野宽阔,倍感宽敞。纯洁的白色完美契合了厨房整洁清爽的感觉。