Located on the main road of Glen Osmond, Meow Cat Coffee is a cat-themed coffee shop. Hong Yuan Construction fully considers the needs of cat and guest interaction, and builds a transparent sun room on the original basis. A variety of warm color wooden cat ladders increase the cat's activity space and relax the guests' mood.

At the same time, taking into account the ventilation, insulation and cleanliness of the entire cafe and cat interaction area. In the dining area, the idyllic decoration style is adopted, and the multi-color details show that the whole coffee shop pursues natural comfort, and truly enjoys the coffee and dessert, and can also enjoy the cat.

Meow猫咪咖啡位于Glen Osmond主路旁,是一家以猫咪为主题的个性咖啡厅。宏远建筑团队充分考虑到猫咪和客人互动的需求,在原有基础上建造出一个透明阳光房,多种暖色木制猫梯增大了猫咪活动空间,也放松客人们的心情。