Candle Cottage - Located in the top-end high-end David Jones shopping mall on Adelaide Pedestrian Street, the candle cabin is designed with a sense of warmth, and warm tones lead guests into the world of candles. Strict, demanding mall properties, no hardships.

After continuous coordination and revision, Hong Yuan Construction completed this exquisite project perfectly, and was also recognized by the David Jones Group and listed as its preferred contractor.

蜡烛小屋——位于阿德莱德步行街顶级高端David Jones购物中心内,蜡烛小屋在设计上处处体现了温馨感,暖色调的处理带领客人进入蜡烛的世界。严格,苛刻的商场物业,没有难倒宏远。

在不断协调,修改之后, 宏远完美的完成了这个精致的项目, 同时也得到了David Jones 集团的认可,并被列为其优选承建商。