The Browz & Beauty Beauty Salon Center was first stationed in Darwin as a chain store, and Hong Yuan Construction took on the responsibility of long-distance interstate decoration.

After many field visits and design modifications by Hong Yuan Construction, the Adelaide Head Office's decoration style was extended and modified under the high working hours of the mall.

At the same time, two beautiful styles with uniform style but no overlapping design were created. The store, and both stores are able to open as scheduled, saving customers time and winning business opportunities.


经过宏远建筑多次实地考察和设计修改,在高度配合商场的营业时间下,延续了阿德莱德总店的装修风格并加以修改,同时打造两家风格一致但设计不重叠的美妆美发店铺,并且两家店都能够如期开业,为客户节省了时间, 赢得了商机。