Located at Darwin, the Brows and Beauty is a one-stop beauty salon. Hong Yuan Construction customized design scheme for it according to its natural beauty theme. Using the natural log for the basic color tone matched with the large scale open spaces, and also designed the private spaces for the VIP services as well. In this way, every time when come into the room, customers would experience refreshing feeling. And the warm color in the shop would also bring people relaxed emotion.

Brows and Beauty 位于达尔文,是一家一站式美容沙龙,宏远建筑根据本店天然美容的理念为其量身打造一套贴近自然的设计方案。采用原木色调和大面积的通透空间,同时设有私人护理的私密空间。让顾客每次光临都有心旷神怡的感受,暖色调的设计更是能够放松客人的紧张情绪。